BuzzFeed Video: Strangers Try Lego While Speaking Different Languages

Role: Video Producer, Editor

I joined BuzzFeed’s Jr. Video Fellowship program. After being production and editing support for their video staff, our junior fellowship culminates with us being able to produce a video that captures, not only our voice, but also BuzzFeed’s style.

This video received 700,000+ YouTube views within seven days, and over 14,000 shares on BuzzFeed’s Facebook pages.

It’s Complicated Webseries

Role: Director, Writer, Producer

Season 2 Teaser 

Skye and Lance have gone from being childhood BFFs to lovers, to ex-lovers turned platonic friends who are stuck living together in a leased apartment. To make matters more complicated, Skye slept with Alex. It’s not a big deal except… Alex is a girl. The show is fun and quirky. It’s romantic and adventurous. It’s Complicated.

“It’s Complicated” is an LGBT themed, coming-of-age web series that I wrote and directed. It has been nominated for an Audience Choice at the NYC Webfest, and an Outstanding Cast award at the LA Webfest. Season 2 is now in post production.

The series and all its content now has over 300,000 total views on YouTube.

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Last Call

Role: Editor

Jesus has been slacking off for a long time, and God is sick of it. Now chaos is ensuing back in earth & Donald Trump is rising. Will that be enough to get Jesus off his butt?

Written & Produced by: LA Leprechaun
Directed by: Richard Tatum

Epic Lounge Sizzle Reel

Role: Shooter, Editor

Marketing Personnel @ Second City

Role: Photographer, Videographer, Photo Retoucher

I take photographs and videos of special events and shows at the Hollywood training center of the famed Second City.

Sizzle Reel for a Second City Show
Sample Photos

Interview With Steve Martin

Role: Colorist, Boom Mic, Director of Photography

A fun project I did with my good friend from Second City, Sarah Martellaro

Plush by Catherine Hardwicke

Role: Post Production Assistant

I did the usual stuff like run around and get lunch, but that’s not all. I also got to edit a bunch of cool photos that made it to the opening credits. The biggest one creating an image of a giant concert out of multiple images. See the process below

The Purge by James DeMonaco

Role: Post Production Assistant

My first gig on a full length feature post-university. The Purge is now a massive franchise.

Role: Video Editor

I specialized in editing red carpet interviews of stars.


Role: Videographer, Editor, Director

Regular people need nice videos too.

Oguz and Anya from Cheska Bacaltos on Vimeo.

April and Santi engagement from Cheska Bacaltos on Vimeo.